The most common allergies

Allergies surround us. We all know someone who has an allergy to something and yet we do not know all of them. This is very normal since the word is very generic and refers to many things. However, today we are going to talk about which allergies are the most common.

Allergy, what is it
Sometimes when we are very used to using a word we forget its theoretical meaning. It may be a paradox but it is so, we have the image of allergy associated with the symptoms, but do we know where it comes from?

When we speak of allergy we speak of a hypersensitivity to an element, a particle or a substance. We also have that for the rest of the people this substance is harmless. Product of a failure of the body that detects as aggressive a substance that in reality is not, defenses are produced to combat it. It is then that we suffer symptoms on the skin, sneezing, coughing, etc. This is the body’s way of telling us to stay away from this substance.

Most common allergies
We also associate allergies to spring, however it does not have to, there are allergies that proliferate at other times of the year. We already talked once, in fact, about typical fall allergies. In this case we are going to offer you a classification of the most common allergies without distinction of temporality:

To pollen: It is the most common allergy. You can distinguish an allergic reaction to pollen from different trees and flowers, but this general category takes the cake.
This is the allergy that is suffered the most in spring, when the vegetation is reborn. In times of suffering, it is recommended to go outside with a mask if necessary and keep the windows closed during the day.
Dust: An allergy to dust mites is another extremely common allergy. It is associated with dirty and humid places but mites are to a greater or lesser extent everywhere. The highest concentrations are found in mattresses, cushions and pillows. To prevent an allergic reaction, it is advisable to use a special anti-mite cover that prevents passage through it.
Cats: There are many people who have allergies to the hair of dogs and cats. The recommendation for these people is that they do not maintain contact with these types of animals.
Food allergies: Many of the allergic reactions appear in the food itself or medicines. This is the case of allergy to dairy, aspirin, penicillin, some nuts, etc. For these cases it is very important to indicate your allergies in some way.
To the sting of bees: Allergies derived from the sting of insects are especially dangerous. They are caused by the substance they give off, especially bees, when they sting. For these cases it is important to carry the appropriate medication in case you suffer a sting.
In Almusalud you can take the test to observe the allergies to which you are exposed and start trying to avoid direct exposure.

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