When do I make my first visit to the gynecologist?

Both adolescents and their mothers always have a question in mind: When do I have to make my first visit to the gynecologist? There is no clear answer that can tell when you have to. However, you can be guided by the range of ages we offer and what you know about yourself.

Of course, if you have detected any abnormality or have problems with menstruation, a visit to the gynecologist is mandatory. This way you can know the origin of your problem and take action on it.

In fact in summer, statistically it is more likely that anomalies in intimate health appear.

When should I make my first visit to the gynecologist?
Until not long ago, adolescents were recommended to make their first visit to the gynecologist between the ages of 16 and 18, that is, after puberty, due to the changes in their body and the transition to adulthood. However, there is no need to do this test so soon if there is no clear reason to do it. Currently, the age at which young women begin to take their first exams is 20 years old. From there, the visits are periodic and you must follow the instructions of your gynecologist.

Also, the fact that you have to visit the gynecologist sooner or later has to do with the different risk factors. The fewer you do, the less you need to see a gynecologist soon.

Risk factor’s
There are certain factors that accelerate the age at which the young woman has to undergo tests that sooner or later all would pass. Having different sexual partners, if you have suffered from an STD, have sex from a very young age, or even smoke are risk factors for a gynecological examination. Of course, if you are HIV-positive you will also need to advance your gynecological examination.

What will be the first tests?
When you go to the gynecologist for the first time, your data recording will begin. Thus, the Almusalud professional will be able to monitor your health status.

The Pap test (in honor of the Greek doctor who started using it) is one of the first you should do. This test is used to diagnose cancer of the uterus, so it is important to do it.

Another of the first tests performed on young women is HIV. This disease that was so unfortunately popular in the 1980s is no longer popular not because it has ceased to exist but because there are now more ways to prevent it.

It is normal to feel nervous and uncertain before your first experiences at the gynecologist. However, you don’t have to be afraid.

If you need to pass your first gynecological check-up, go to your Almusalud center in Almuñécar to better monitor your health.

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